Gruffman’s Keeping It In The Family For Sims 5

The topic of Sims 5 continues to draw attention on the EA forum (no matter how much it pisses off EA!), with Gruffman stating his desires as to which Simmie families he’d like to see back.

gruffman and sims 5

Put a fair old bit of thought into matters there!

It wouldn’t be a speculation thread though without Sharkloverplayer and Luthienrising chipping in:

gruffman and sims 5 1

We had to laugh at StillJustMe2’s contribution, or rather warning to the Simgurus that Colton147 will not be mocked!

gruffman and sims 5 2

slaplol  smiley-lol

But as FurSimsOriginal and Scobre made their contributions alongside Flosiovis, Gruffman made note that the Simgurus were at it again with trying to bury what they didn’t want others to see…

gruffman and sims 5 3

That didn’t deter xLunaLovegoodx and (oh plumbob, here we go again…) 5782341b77vl from chipping in their desires:

gruffman and sims 5 4

The Goths appear to be pretty popular, as indeed is discussing Sims 5 – no matter how much EA would like to silence it by stealth.

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