Mo0nLight321 Can’t Wait For The Worst Witch

No, this isn’t their latest legacy in Moonlight Falls, it’s about what J K Rowling ripped off and made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear getting perhaps another reboot.

Mo0nLight321 can't wait for the worst witch

Meh! It’s the Watership Down reboot we’re squeeing over:

Mo0nLight321 can't wait for the worst witch 1

Unfortunately the prognosis so far is not good.

‘The story of Watership Down is to be remade for a new era, as programme-makers promise to tone down its most brutal images.’

So for today’s generation of supposedly namby-pamby precious little snowflakes, who think nothing of playing hours of The Limbless Are The Lucky and Killer Rotting Zombies From The Hell Pits Of Middlesborough, everyone’s favourite childhood piece of whoop-ass has to be toned down in case they’re ‘traumatised’.

Bigwig: ‘The embleer hraka heads! Not again!’; Campion: ‘Told you they would!’

Watership Down? Water It Down more like it!

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