LadyRosedust Can’t See Supernatural Simmies For Dust

Meanwhile, over on NRaas Industries

ladyrosedust can't have occults

Hmmm, in whatever game world you chose, did the Garlic Front win City Hall in the last elections?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Igazor was on hand (after using his Time Turner to get back from answering fifty billion questions on the EA forum) to spoonfeed LadyRosedust to fix her erring mods:

ladyrosedust can't have occults 1

Bless him, he even remembered his manners at the last!

ladyrosedust can't have occults 2

Shhhh, GCirelli, or you’ll be getting accused of homophobia by the Dimblr social justice warriors!

Igazor explained that there’s two kinds of immigration (bloody hell, that sounds like a Home Office spokesman responding to another one of UKIP claims in the Daily Express!)

ladyrosedust can't have occults 3

Namaradus meanwhile proffered advice on populating by a more direct means:

ladyrosedust can't have occults 4

Of course, you could alter all married Simmies’ showers to stone cold to stop the production of any babies for good, but perhaps simply altering the mod is going to be easier in this instance!

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