Wibs Origins Of Her Simmies Being Driven To Drink (Part 2)

Okay, now for the second part of Wibs’ trials and tribulations. Realising that she was having no luck with the wine, Wibs decided to try something a little different, but must have spilled some on her laptop judging by the effect on her Simmies in her game…

wibs simmies driven to drink

yewot  yewot

No, that’s not what’s meant by Slammers, you know…

Or maybe he gets it from his father Leon, as what he’s given his kids in terms of traits over his mother is still up for debate.

wibs simmies driven to drink 1

There’s one highly distasteful question however as once more the ‘Sims of Colour’ morons started up their antics again; however Wibs sent them off curtly:

wibs simmies driven to drink 2

thumb  point

Playing the race card with the Sims series stinks, although not half as much as this guy…

wibs simmies driven to drink 3

Ewwww, we know the stereotype of bookworms being soap dodgers, but that’s taking it too far!

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