Crowkeeper Is A Raven Maniac

Thank you Crowkeeper, we’ve waited seven years for the chance to us that pun!

crowkeeper is a raven maniac

Pity Moryrie’s no longer involved the Simming world, as old Elizabeth was the expert when it came to the world’s most intelligent birds.

To fill in the gaps, there’s nine species of raven (three others have become extinct – one unique to the Faroe Isles and two in New Zealand wiped out by the Maoris by the early modern period).

The second bird however you have listed there is a rook – which make a harsh ‘kaah’ as opposed to the more subtle ‘croc’ – which live in large colonies on the tops of trees.

(Crows sound the same, except their ‘kaah’ sounds more like Sid James is making it)

crowkeeper is a raven maniac 1

Anyway, hurry up with releasing another of your masterpieces – your adoring public awaits!

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

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