Okay, Who The Plumbobs Is Annabelle Oinkslopes?!?

Even by Simming standards, this one was bizarre, although we might have known that CravenLestat had bothered to find out the aesthetic qualities of a ghost Simmie!

who is annabelle oinkslops

Annabelle Oinkslopes is buried in Sunset Valley up the cemetary (shows how long since last time either of us played with that town as neither of us could remember a ghost of that name) as a young adult who died from electrocution. She’s a grumpy bookworm, childish, hates art and a natural cook. Probably the biggest surprise is that she died whilst at the top of the law enforcement career as an international super spy, when one considers her completely inappropriate traits.

who is annabelle oinkslops 1

Grandbear98 actually fully ambrosiaed (is that a word? It is now!) her and restored her to life back in August 2009, so if you want to download and stick her in your game (or harem in Craven Lestat’s case), here’s where to go.

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