Evalen’s Epic Thread On Simming (Part Two)

Because some threads are too big to do in one go:

We restart at two very good points made, firstly by ChelleJo to Evalen that her experiences were the converse:


Whilst Igazor was musing over the old adage of many a true word said in jest…


Erm, Tangie-HappySimmer3 has already mentioned that Simguru Duck Egg’s away on holiday.

do pay attention double-oh-seven

Karritz meanwhile voiced our own suspicions that the actions of the Simgurus were not quite as innocent piece of blundering as some may have it:


True or not, DoTheSmustle, Phoebemom601 and Igazor will keep it under their tin foil hats!


wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Simsophonique, one of the newcomers to the EA forum, related their own experiences of Sims 3 and Sims 4, giving credit where due and curses where also…


But as Tangie-HappySimmer3 warns with regard to any love for the multi-tasking of Sims 4


… which is what happens when what’s nothing but recycled code for a Tablet game, amongst its other little problems as James64468 – a current player of both 3 and 4 – recapped:



JoAnne65 pointed out that if Sims 4 is so wonderful, why is it all these years later its section of the EA forum is peppered full of people going on and on about how wonderful it was, and having little else to add despise the numerous add ons.


One could almost be forgiven for thinking they’re trying to convince themselves indeed!

Lovelylisac’s had some interesting plus points for Sims 3 – cats and sharks (hey Jeff Carter, we’ve found the wife you’ve always been looking for!) – whilst MemoriiValentine compared Sims 4 to a trip to the dentists in a bizarre fashion!


This thread inspired Nickibitsward to take up Sims 4 again, which proved to be rather like Todd’s battle with the Book of Pure Evil…


… that is, with mixed results!

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