Evalen’s Epic Thread On Simming (Part Three)

Tangie-HappySimmer3 had plenty to say over Evalen’s thread, and in the last part of this round up she’d even more, starting with this wonderful surmise from her and DoTheSmustle’s feelings towards the Glitterturd:



slaplol  smiley-lol

She did also have this more elongated and less mischievous piece about how some of those hating on Sims 3 actually are merely Sims 2 players for whom Sims 4 is merely an updated version of their old favourite for their newer machines, and a timely warning of the dangers of the hivemind mentalities spreading between the various fans of the differing versions.


It’s precisely this sort of hivemind mentality and partizanship that comes with it that JoAnne65 finds so off-putting in the Sims 4 section.


As Jessa_Dakkar was to summarise, perhaps more good came out of this whole episode than anything.


For here’s one Sims 3 player offering a hand out to our Sims 4 one, Evalen.


sunshine  bravo

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