So What Dimblr Is Dreamer10110 aka Klayshen aka The Gaming Dwarf aka The Dwarf Cisco aka Cisco McCallister Masquerading As?


For plumbob’s sake, if these ‘secrets’ were any weaker, it would qualify as airline tea.

Another week, another Sim Secret where the secret poster exposes themselves by accident.


No, not as members of the Illuminati, plumbob knows who was behind that rubbish, but the real show was in the Unposted Secrets section where someone else managed to dox themselves:



So who is this Dreamer10110?


The evidence points to one Klayshen aka The Gaming Dwarf aka The Dwarf Cisco aka Cisco Clay McCallister aka The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu.



He is all over the internet (Facebook, YouTube, the works…) as a gamer of just about everything going:


Fifteen hours playing one game over a week. Anyone else remember the good old days when there was time for such luxuries? ***Sigh!***


Interesting to note he’s also been posting on Imgur – that favourite of SS yellow press posters.


Just one question…


… what name is he using within the Simming world?

This initial attempt at posting on Sim Secret was rejected, but it begs the question this is a new wannabe drama queen. Tying what we have here to a particular Simblr may knock on the head at least one potential purveyor of bumnuggetry before they even begin – claiming that they are ‘young’ when they are certainly in their mid twenties and university educated (no knowledge whether they completed their degree course though) doesn’t inspire confidence.

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