Seventh Heaven


Seven years, eh?

Well if there is going to be an eighth – and right now that’s a big ‘if’ – some things are going to have to change.


Not least of all there is the problem that quite simply we are running out of space.

Unintentionally, The Mare’s Nest provides a permanent snapshot in a moment in time of part of the Simming gaming community. Some have found it entertaining for that reason, as a way of being able to delve back into the years past. Pick any day you want in the seven years, there’s something to relate to. For those coming back after a long time away, it’s an easy way to ‘catch up’ to a certain extent.

For that reason, we are loathe to start deleting posts to make room for new.

There’s a number of solutions we’ve mused over, but with one thing and another surrounding our lives outside of the Simming world we’ve never come to any decision both of us have been happy with. That time is starting to run out.

Matters outside are the other problem. As you will know one of us has a bit of an ongoing (and increasingly frustrating) health scare that’s still far from resolved – but that’s another story.

Still, for all of our current dilemmas, if anyone had told us seven years ago we’d still be doing this, we’d have wondered what the hell any gaming community could have got up to keep us this distracted by its antics for so long.

Here’s to all of you!

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