Deontai-Yellowbox – Stealing Or Encouraging Stealing From Rflong7/13

This is one of those spitting cruise missiles, let alone bullets moments:


A population project for one of Rflong7/13’s islands – that’s fair enough in itself.


What isn’t on is that ‘But first! Grab the empty world!’ link which goes not to the EA forum download…


… but to a bloody pirated copy from 2013 on Mediafire:




Some ‘interesting’ other items they’ve pirated there too!

… which explained why there was all this ‘Scottish island’ bumnuggetry when Rflong7/13 had never made any specifics about location or inspiration:


Way back in 2012, DippyDesigns from the EA forum made a series of uploads inspired by various places in the Highlands and Inner Hebrides of Scotland.


This was subsequently posted up on My Sims 3 Blog – the one where anyone that wasn’t deemed ‘kewl’ by Delphy, Pescado or their sycophants. Suffice to say, they decided to do a little historical revisionism and credit the world to ‘Fiona’ (DippyDesign’s blog name) rather than Rflong7/13, who was deemed persona-non-grata with the Simming world’s hipster scum after a certain business in 2011.


DippyDesigns didn’t post up a pirated copy onto Mediafire, but someone else did, and isn’t it strange that Rflong7/13’s Mediafire account was targetted last year for supposedly ‘pirating’ her own bloody worlds?


That Lori Carver (or rather Lori Carver Gibbs) by the way (from Let’s Play Naughty Sims, since you ask), wonder what she said to Rflong7/13 to get her comment scrubbed?

scratchhead Sleeping_smiley


Whatever the case, Deontai-Yellowbox should not be encouraging people to download a pirate copy of another Simmer’s hard work.

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