Something Awful Runs The Detector Over The Simming Ethical Minefield

Before we forget again, there’s been a forum that’s been on our radar on and off over the last six months you’ve probably not heard of.

Or perhaps, it would be more in truth to say that we have been on the radar of a forum that had not heard before of us – and what an education we were to give them!

Something Awful is an irreverent website created by Richard ‘Lowtax ‘Kyanka in 1999  for his own amusement which like all good Frankenstein’s monster quickly grew beyond the intention and control of its creator: housing a variety of content taken from the internet (includings blogs and forums) in addition to humorous media reviews and targetting just about anything in the zeitgeist: to the extent it’s as much a creator of events as a commentator. Some would argue this is the site that More Awesome Than You (and for that matter Mod The Sims and Snooty Sims) attempted to be the Simming world equivalent of with their forums, only of course to end up more like Brawl Hall.

But we digress.

Having been around seven years now, it was almost inevitable that we’d find ourselves mentioned at some stage, albeit the circumstances were surrounding probably the single most disturbing and distasteful episode we ever had to report upon, as we made the less than hallowed grounds of the Awful Game Mods section:


Before we go any further with Gymbot and CommissarMega’s discussion, the site they’re referring to is Lover’s Lab – a webshite for those for whom computer games are masturbation aids for those unable to form real relationships rather than cheerful pastimes – which amongst other things aids and abets the downright evil ‘Onikis kinkyWorld’ of Lady666 – a sex mod for Sims 3 which amongst other things allows players to commit what they term ‘surprise sex’: that is rape and other forms of sexual assault, flashing, incest, paedophilia and – if that’s all not horrendous enough – bestiality.

Why the perpetrators haven’t been arrested and jailed tells you all you need to know about how much the forces of law and order really care about keeping the net free from the psycho element.

Suffice to say we’re not the least bit surprised to hear from the Something Awful Simmers that Paul Dartington aka Lungpaul is a member.

CommissarMega made us chuckle with their comment about Lover’s Lab members (‘we can at least be sure the only virgins locked up in their basements are themselves,’) and whilst they in turn were being traumatised by the link to our article, we in turn were growing more and more sore with laughter at their own take on matters.

Take it away, Gynovore!


‘It’s hard to surprise sex someone when you weight 350lbs and get out of breath waddling from the sofa to the fridge.’

slaplol  smiley-lol


With FlyinPingu and DivineCoffeeBinge similarly ‘impressed’ with how anything whackjob the rest of the gaming world could come up with, the Simming community could somehow manage to find to go that one bit more disturbing, Midnight Voyager encapsulated what many from outside the Simming must feel when they look upon the worst aspects of what goes on in our world.


Thankfully, such moments are the exception that tests the rule – primarily because behaviours that are tolerated, accepted and even encouraged by certain gaming ‘communities’ tend by comparison to come with appropriate consequences in this one – bumnuggetry and even downright arsebucketry gets little chance to survive and thrive, thankfully most of that we have to suffer largely only comes from EA!

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Anyway, that was that until a few months later when they found reason to resort to us again over much the same matter as last time:


We’re going to guess that A2M2 is one of those we’ve called out for their bumnuggetry over the years!


Poor A Spider Covets and Ofaloaf – what an education they’ve just received!

evilgrin  evilgrin

Beaverhausen and Wit were to mourn what Mod The Sims has become, although perhaps in the former’s case a plentiful supply of bucktoothed female alien Simmies would soothe Beaverbite’s furrowed brow.


Ruflux meanwhile certainly had one way of putting matters into perspective:


Yes indeed, life is indeed an ethical minefield for any true Simmer of conviction, and in turn some Simmers’ convictions are an ethical minefield!.

yewot  slaplol

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