It’s The Last Straw For Cloverstardropper

Poor old Switchy has not had much luck of late.

After being forced by the state of California into reduction mammoplasty (to cut a long story short, this was by special executive decree by Governor Jerry Brown, Switch appealed to the Governor Emetrius Arnie Schwartzenegger, but he concurred with Brown that ‘The Golden State cannot handle your awesome boobage’… and now you all know where The Dominating Crabbiness got all this from. It’s a California thing you know…), not longer after having to recover from that she came to that special time in every teenager’s life when their body starts producing more wisdom teeth than could even fit into the mouth of a Great White Shark or even a member of the Osmonds.


On the other hand, there’s the compensation of being allowed to have as much codeine as you like for the next month without censure and all the fun of spitting up chewy black balls of blood and mucus to impress your friends with.

Trying to take her mind off her mouth online wasn’t working much either:


Evidence for the defence:

Even if the internet was to exist for another 10 000 years, there still wouldn’t be enough YouTube videos for us of fiendish cats dominating their humans with their crabbiness!

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

Anyway, you’re a fine one to talk, you with the worst idea for a movie since ‘Sausage Party’:


Elsewhere, the nonsense caused by Dumblr’s recent idiotic updates to maximise their own revenue generation streams were not lost on Switch:


It’s not the zombie holocaust you have to fear folks, it’s the march of the Pornbots – something we’re amazed isn’t some Dimblr hosted mod for Ambitions and Into The Future owners yet!

Speaking of Simming, here’s a new dilemma for players of the Glitterturd we’ve not come across before:


You’re still playing Spore?


Pah! The only reason you don’t believe in global warming is because California’s so damned hot you lot no more notice the difference than a frog in a pan of boiling water does!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

If you ask us, our Switchy is going to the dogs:


But our thanks to The Dominating Crabbiness for finding the following picture of the first ever Tweet made on the internet:


rimshot  tomato

Remember last time around she was one of the millions of Pokemon GO players? Guess how that one’s now going?


So much for those whose main excuse for ‘it’s keeping me fit!’


Which is why we always knew you’d return to Simming – the most complainable gaming series of all time!

ehwhat mare's nest version  rant

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