Lazy Game Reviews Confesses – And Rachel Franklin Resigns. Coincidence?


Just when you think that the anniversary of the Glitterturd was going to pass without incident, nary a bang, nor a whimper, more a sort of watery fart (the metaphors for Sims 4 just flood out, don’t they?), Phreakindee on Sunday 4th September decided to give us all another heart to heart about his disillusionment over Sims 4.

Now we heard all this stuff back in August last year, and you’ll know our feelings on the matter weren’t exactly entirely sympathetic.

Three quarters of the way through his rambling take of the last two years of Sims 4, and we were ready to nod off… until this:


‘I don’t want the Sims 4 around any more…’


‘I’ve given up on it becoming the game I want it to be…’


‘I can’t feel any kind of passion about it any more…’


‘It’s a game I am supremely disappointed in.’

Well, ten out of ten for getting to the point… eventually.

Although, again, as we said last year:


How could he? The answer is simple – Phreakindee had sold out:


‘You know the other reason I think they’re on a downward trend… ‘

Here it comes…


‘They’ve given me some early copies of these packs to review.’

thatsit thatsit

Hang on a second, weren’t you the very one giving it big licks about the fact you wanted to be free to say what you wanted about the game?

We were wondering what was going on when you started taking ‘donated’ copies from the fat Greek thief. Gifted by Sims VIP indeed, it was via bloody EA, wasn’t it? And the rest of those bloody Sims 4 add-on reviews where you were all ‘erm, um, I think it’s worth it’ at the end after twenty minutes of struggling to muster up much enthusiasm – same deal, wasn’t it?

Of course, leaving aside Phreakindee now admitting to having been somewhat economical with the truth as to the impartiality of his Sims 4 reviews, what was even more interesting was that a mere five days later the General Manager of Maxis and Executive Producer of Sims 4 without warning decided to throw in the towel.



‘She has decided to leave Maxis to explore new opportunities,’ – oh ho ho ho, the bastard’s resigned without having a new job to go to, the actions of one forced to jump before they were pushed!

Hmmm, now why would that be? More bad quarterly forecasts on the horizon regarding Sims 4? Or perhaps the expected shitstorm now it’s all come out that it appears that EA bought off its worst You Tube critic, someone whose reviews for Sims 3 alone accounted for over eight million hits and caused a lot of damage to the sales of the latter piss poor stuff packs.

Sounds too bad to be true?

Consider this – Phreakindee wasn’t considered good enough by the Simgurus to be one of their YibSims. Not good enough to see the Glitterturd before it was released? Yet they’ve been giving him free Sims 4 goodies afterwards?

Anyone else think that seems to be rather more the actions of people wanting to keep Phreakindee from telling the truth about their bloody awful game from the word go lest it have a disastrous effect on sales?

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