Chelseadude182 In ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ (Or At Least Half Way To The Target!)


Half a million before you’ve started a family? Yeah, life’s a bitch dude!

TadOlson had a suggestion as to what TadOlson would do if TadOlson had all that money.


Yes, TadOlson had a mod for it – it’s almost like TadOlson is in an inverted reality from Igazor:

Igazor = there is a mod for it.

TadOlson = TadOlson has a mod for it.



Simasaurus09 and Dreamerz13 meanwhile prefers to keep their games pure – and their newlywed Simmies broke!

However, Treynutz says just roll with it if your Simmies suddenly find themselves rolling in it:


And both ChelleJo and Igazor said if you’ve got it, flaunt it baby, flaunt it!


Chelseadude182 was duly corrupted or brought to their senses, depending on your viewpoint!


As well as Karritz congratulation and IreneSwift seeing such a windfall as something to build on (sorry!) and perhaps explore the world, Pary the World Explorer was cursing her own Simmies lack of sumptious wedding gifts:


And bless Goulsquash’s little cotton socks for reminding Chelseadude182 that it was nice to be nice.


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