Little Sims Shack’s SimGuru Dartboard: Hitting The Bullseye, Or Over-The-Double-Top?

All the way from Dumblrland, kiddies:


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Now come on, there’s probably more than a few that have been tempted to meddle with the Late Night expansion pack dartboard to stick a picture on of someone they don’t like (come October it will be a miracle if there’s not at least one Trump The Chump and Hildog dartboard apiece the way the American presidential race is going…)

We can see why Little Sims Shack thought twice about this one, but the notion of Sims 3 Simmies chucking darts at Sims 4 pics of the Simgurus that sold them down the river for Sims 4… well there is a certain bad taste yet appropriate humour to that one, same as if there had been one of the Simgurus in their Sims 3 guise made by Sims 2 players.

Incidentally, there were such meddled for malice dartboards back in the Sims 2 days, as the below illustrates from Fooodfan31 four years ago…

‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’


Lampooning within video games is as old as the very first home systems – think back to Manic Miner (the first computer game with in game music… nowadays the likes of Skyrim had bloody symphonies written for them – how far we’ve come indeed!) waaaaaay back in 1983 when Bug Byte Software got their own back on those programmers that jumped ship to form Imagine Software – in particular the bespectacled Eugene Evans who was less than flattering towards those that broke him into the gaming big time.

(Ironically, Manic Miner‘s creator Matthew Smith stitched up Bug Byte in turn when due to a contractual glitch he was able to release the program via his own software company instead!)


Probably the only really controversial part is that this download is being hosted by Delphy of Mod The Sims‘ SimFileShare site – considering all the brown nosing he’s done with Graham Nardone over the years, this one’s going to be a bit awkward for him!

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