CravenLestat In Corrupting Influence On The EA Forum Non Shocker As TadOlson Wants Fun With Margoshel And TadOlson’s Modified Rules

Still on the subject of the lounge lizard of the EA forum General Discussion, now he’s got Blazerntq lined up in his loins sights…


You’ll have to buy her dinner first.

Poor cuckolded Coco is in no position to object with her PC going to pieces…


But if you want any proof of the corrupting effect CravenLestat has on the EA forum, look no further than the following Freudian slip from newbie Margoshel:


‘I am new to this thread so bare with me.’

thOMG  thOMG

To say nothing of her first Simming talk being all about being wanting to be a Master of Romance, the mad shagger’s favourite Lifetime Wish.

Now just look at the effect it had on poor innocent young TadOlson:


‘Hi there! That sounds like a fun game. I’ve got a 100 baby challenge going by modified rules.’

That’s quite enough of that sort of talk from you – we’ll ‘100 baby challenge’ and ‘modified rules’ you in a minute, young man!

wag_finger  wag_finger

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