ChelleJo Says Le Freak Is Chic

Has ChelleJo told you about the new Simmie craze?

Try it once, we’re sure you’ll be amazed
Sims 3 fun to be had by everyone
It’s up to you, It surely can be done

Young and old are doing it, I’m told
Just one try, and your Sims 4 crap will be sold.
It’s called Le Freak! They’re doing it full moon night and day
Allow us, we’ll show you the way

Ah Freak out! Le Freak, ChelleJo speak.

Freak out! Le Freak, ChelleJo speak.


It’s the new way your Simmies are getting down
Get out of bed and change clothes, and just stand alone.

Don’t look for reason, don’t look for rhyme,
Just jump in and outta bed, and have a real good time

More fun than Bridgeport with Margherita Savoy
Now we freak, oh what a joy
Just come on down, to The Brightmore
Find a spot out on the floor… ahhhhh….


Get funky, shake your booty, scream as your booty bangs the table and sends your best bone china flying.

sand dance smiling  sand dance

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