On The Last Day Of September…

Hi everyone, it’s me Lauryl once again, helping you with all your Simming problems!

There’s always a first time…

Shaddup Mares, you big bunch of discombobulated wotsits!

Someone’s been reading that new Harry Potter book it seems…. discombobulated indeed!


Anyhow, this is a special edition, all for you Mares about one of your current little problems, it’s my special remake of The Lord Of The Rings


‘Ah, young master Merry and Pippin. We at the Entmoot of Haemotology have examined and discussed your test results regarding your lymph node and after three months we have agreed… 




‘… that it is not a matter for the haemotology department. Therefore we have passed your case to the surgery department to decide on the next course of diagnosis, you should hear from them within six months.’


‘Are – you – FUCKING – KIDDING – ME? How can that be your decision?

‘This matter is not our department.’

‘Three arsebucketing months and this is all you overpaid bumnuggets can come out with? Three months of extra worry, only to be given no explanation as to what you had found, and another six months of waiting to find out what’s to be done?’


‘There is of course the option of a consultation under private medicine, that would take only three weeks, if you have your credit or debit card available, we could…’.

***Cue sound of fire, axes, gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning!***

Ha bloody ha!

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