ChelleJo’s Cottonwooling Her Simmie Kids

You’ve heard of ‘first world problems’, here’s one of those ‘Sims 3 world problems’ moments:


ChelleJo a soccermom to her Simmies, who’da thunk it?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Bah! School bus indeed. Too lazy even to fly their brooms to school… we can hear Elphaba Thropp, Constance Hardbroom and Minerva McGonagall muttering already.

TreyNutz is even more nutz, er nuts…


Hoverboards is it? Great plumbobs in custard, what’s wrong with Simmers these days? No wonder they’re producing a generation of such waddling blubberbutts in their games – to say nothing of producing a bunch of special snowflake slackers with no concept of effort that once back from Uni decide that their own kids should be unschooled from now on.


This… this! … is what’s responsible for the current malaise in your Simmie games, indeed all Simming games – it’s not the code that’s making your game running slow, it’s having to deal with all the fat kids in your Simming game!

Mod? It’s a kick up the backside and two wheels they need! Get them on their bikes, the exercise will do the little lard arses the world of good.

And use the weatherstones to make sure it’s raining hailstones for them all the way there and back – it’s character building!

evilgrin  evilgrin

Thankfully IreneSwift was around to provide the answer to end all this namby-pambying to the little preciouses who don’t ‘do’ physical exertion to their education.


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