ChelleJo’s Not Wanting A Brand Spanking New Botty, Just It Made Young Again



This was one of those questions c/o Nkthgrt that sounded stupidly obvious in the answer (as Celticgamer0 and Rosettasstoned would have it), but actually turned out to have more to it:


Come on, admit it, how few of you knew all that?

worship  bravo

Now it just so happens that someone came up with the answer back in 2011 over on Carl and Pams Suck Up EA’s Arse website:


The only trouble is that with it being TheChronicR we’re not entirely sure whether the information can be deemed reliable (see here and here for why!).

scratchhead  dizzy


Perhaps we all ought to ask ChelleJo’s cat, as it seems to be the real Simming expert around these parts!

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use  tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use


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