The Mare’s Nest Receives Unwelcome Attention From Anti-Semite Bigot Henry Makow

One of the hazards of running this blog has been discovering ourselves being linked to all sorts of people and places we do not like.

Today we discovered we were getting a lot of traffic from the following ultra-bumnugget:


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Who is Henry Makow?


He’s the guy that invented that favourite party game Scruples back in 1984, which he happily licenced to Maruca Industries to sell all over the world and basically set him up comfortably for life on a million dollars up front plus royalties for sales, sub-licencing (eg. the TV show of that name) for all manner of spin-offs.

This has allowed him to spend the remainder of his days telling anyone who will listen (largely neo-Nazis, sexually inadequate males, Bible Belt Christians, Islamofascists and Black Lives Matter morons looking for ‘proof’ to back up their existing prejudices) that the world is controlled by the Illuminati: run by the Jews in conjunction with the Knights Templer and Satanists; who are using feminism, homosexuality, paedophilia and communism as a way of keeping us all on our knees to them.

Even Luna Lovegood couldn’t come up with this stuff.

(Incidentally the person he sold the licence to was one Carl Eisenberg – a fellow Jew. Bear that in mind if you are ever stupid enough to read any of his crackpot stuff about how ‘evil’ they are when he’s happy to take their royalty cheques…).

How did we find ourselves tied in with this fruitloop?


We made a post last year celebrating the jailing of that evil little shit Joshua Goldberg – a career troll (hey, it beats getting a real job and leaving your mum’s basement!).

Makow decided to link to it as part of his idiotic claims that Goldberg was part of ‘The Conspiracy’ as it sought to take out its latest opponent: without bothering to point out to his readers that Goldberg went online taking up all manner of contrary positions (even having his own aliases ‘flame’ one another in order to draw others in to take sides) and had been conclusively outed as a troll whose only agenda was making as many random strangers across the planet upset as possible (somehow the latest South Park storyline has never been so relevent…) – a matter of course we at The Mare’s Nest know only too well from seven years of documenting those who would see Simmers as an easy target and we’ve did our bit to make them regret it.

So for the benefit of any of those still wandering over from said website to here, let’s make this nice and crystal clear.

If you believe there’s a Jewish conspiracy running the planet (and all the other silly claims regarding using feminism, homosexuality, etc. to get what they want) – chances are, you come from a different planet, and probably dimension, altogether.

There is no ‘world conspiracy’: the world is simply a chaotic scramble for resources and power between umpteen competing factions as it has been since the dawn of civilisation and will remain so until the end of time – and anyone that still thinks any of that Hitler-lite crap Makow comes out with is a bloody imbecile and outright oxygen thief.

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