Prah2010 Doesn’t Appear To Realise Cherryblossom Sims Is A Simming Forum

Now, you may have thought the clue was in the name, but of all the secrets the ever fading Sim Secret chose to reject, it was the following curiosity (is this the first time that the Cherrypoppers have been mentioned? Will they even care?):


However, the new Head Cheese of the blog of sleeze, Prah2010, rejected it because…

…wait for it…


yewot  yewot

Internal forum awards are a bit of harmless enough fun – in the case of Boolprop Fight The Addiction False bordering on fetishism – and a good psychological tool to show users that they are being noticed and loved even when it seems like no one is reading their posts judging by the lack of replies.

Clearly this is a phenomena of the Interwebs not yet familiar to the prehistoric inhabitants of LiveJournal.

Yes, Cherryblossom Sims isn’t exactly the liveliest of places – as we’ve mentioned before it is the sort of quaint village tea shop of the Simming community.

But we’ll bet it still has more actual active members than Sim Secret and it’s umpteen alias has.

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