Crowkeeper’s Grand Tour Of Europe (Well, Okay, Erasmus Exchange!) And The Promise Of Her Wonderful Dusk Realm To Come

Crowkeeper is currently not a happy corvid.


The cry of every brilliant CAW creator or modder since the dawn of Sims 3.

Bottom line for us is just knowing that there is something else in the offing to come at some stage in the future from this most unique of lot and land builders is enough to keep our interests in the game fresh.

Everything will be ready when you know it is ready, Crowkeeper – and we’ll be happily waiting into 2017 until you find the time and inspiration to make it ‘just right.’

Which is just as well as she has her studies to think about right now:


We’re guessing this is her doing her six months placement in the nation whose language she’s taking her degree course in (of course, we could be wrong and she could be heading for the Erasmus Uni in Rotterdam, but we’re guessing on the former).

But who is looking after her squeekitty while she’s gone?

scratchhead  dizzy

In the meantime, here’s the promise of those goodies yet to come, the gorgeous looking Dusk Realm mini world…


Keep play testing it, oh you lucky, lucky Simmers…

worship  worship

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