OMGiLoveIceCream Is Upsetting The Sims 3 Punters

It’s been a little while since we last caught sight of OMGiLoveIceCream, and we really don’t know what they were hoping to achieve with this piece of bumnuggetry:



this will not end well 1

Sure enough:


KaeChan2089’s was one of the nicer replies. Suffice to say, everyone’s favourite gobby Belgian arrived to give them a good Flem roasting, or rather toasting:


Gitte, Gitte, Gitte, how many time do we have to tell you… you can play Sims on a toaster!

evilgrin  thumb


bastard baby

Even Igazor wasn’t going to be nice:


Very catty.

Which reminds us, in other news the Ticklekitty is still being tickled.



It is important you know this.


You could come off the fence Dreamerz13 and simply say how you feel about it?

The upshot was OMGiLoveIceCream was somewhat dischuffed with the response they got.


Hmmm, anyone else remember when sassy was a compliment? Ah, the vagaries of the zeitgeist!

Igazor tried to point out the error of their ways in a nicer manner than before (and the countdown started before it was flung back in his face… what, us cynical?):


Matters then started getting rather silly when ZeeGee turned up:


You sure you’re not a World Of Warcraft player instead?

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

And Nickibitsward and Imdragonit…


… will you stop going on about toasters!

rant  evilgrin

With TadOlson turning up to say what mods TadOlson has in TadOlson’s computer for the fifty millionth time this week year (because TadOlson is… TadOlson), there came the following curious post from IreneSwift:


The strange part was that CravenLestat had not actually posted in the thread!

yewot  scratchhead

Well, not yet anyway. He was too busy trying to find new blondes to add to Coco in his harem:


And if she really likes you she’ll let you have a chew on her best slimy towel.

From the Towel Chewer to the Granny Eater – bugger us with a wet fish if You Know Who hasn’t returned:


Yep, old Evil_One has returned after over two years away. But did she really say the word ‘liked’? Hmmm, could be that account has been hacked!

Meanwhile, a huffy Glitterturd fan Mendota was foolish enough to give everyone a lecture and demand they stopped using the T-word.


Were Igazor and Pary jumping the gun suggesting it was a troll post in revenge to negative posting in the Sims 4 section?

Well later on they did admit as much:


shakehead  shakehead

At least it was providing another World Explorer with some amusement:


… and some confusion perhaps as Sigzy05 was managing to post even though he was supposed to be temp banned from posting!


… despite asking the Simgurus what was going on three days earlier:


Yes, worthy every penny of their wages, those Simgurus!

ElanorBreton, bless her, decided as ever to be the most accommodating Simmer on the thread, although she drew the line at Sims Freeplay:


Hmmm, if you ask us…


… can’t see much of a difference between the Freemium and two years ago’s walking abortion, but never mind.


Hey DaniqaSimmer… you’re taking our JAWB! Durka dur!

Meanwhile Gitte2001 and Jessa_Dakkar were heaping up the faggots around the stake, and not because they were preparing early for Guy Fawkes Night:


Meanwhile, OMGiLoveIceCream apologised, sort of, or did they?


Send for the Wise One!


On second thoughts, Rflong7/13 will do at a pinch!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

But if you think that post of OMGiLoveIceCream was bizarre, wait until you read Odonata68’s:


Cheesy Plums – the Simming malady few dare to mention.

So the miscreant apologised and all was well again… although we think it’s going to take a bit more than ‘sorry’ for CravenLestat as Coco had now arrived and discovered his Swedish au pair bit on the side!


wag_finger  fryingpan

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