Scorpina2009 Throws Down The Latest TadOlson Challenge Thread


It’s time for the weekly TadOlson challenge!

This time, can you guess how long before TadOlson posts about the fifty billion NRaas mods TadOlson has in TadOlson’s game?


Veteran BecomingJenn and the infrequenly posting yet still feels like they’re posting everywhere Goulsquash turned up…

So did Igazor…


… of course! No show without Punch after all – what with Igazor always instructing Simmers ‘that’s the way to do it!’

rimshot  tomato

There was even ex-SimManiac Deshong04 with some words of wisdom on mods as the sauce to the dish, not the main course:


Evalen, Simasaurus09 added their tuppenceworth as part of an appropriately avatared Wonderstruckk sandwich:


As did Sindocat (and that’s quite enough of that talk, young lady!), CharlottesMom and CravenLestat’s bedtime Coco.


Yet fourteen posts into the thread, and no sign of TadOlson?

Shome misteak Shirley? Someone check and make sure TadOlson’s not ill or been kidnapped by Barbary Corsairs!

scratchhead  dizzy

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