The Disappearence Of Aarin (And Her Tumblr Post That Made Us Cry)

The older readers of The Mare’s Nest will have noticed that we’ve not mentioned The Great Knit since March time. Truth to tell, whilst last time there was little to report, this time there’s been nothing to report.



On Friday 22nd April, Aarin logged in for the last time to her Steam account under her Zenmachinegun alias (without playing anything for two days).

The day before, she logged into her Twitter account for the last time after a somewhat fevered bout of activity over April including the following which included a bizarre swipe at Blighty, Social Justice Warriors (twice):



You mean for example for horrendous basic spelling?



We prefer the Scarfolk band Hitler Likes Twix.




… and some far more telling elaboration about her health and economic state of not only her, but her boyfriend Martin:


Thereafter – nothing.

Despite attempts by her Steam friends to get her to get in touch, it was complete radio silence.


Her Tumblr of the same name had not been used since December 2014 anyway, as for her 6s and 7s one that we link to, she’d put into restricted access status (which buggered matters up for all non-Dumblr users but not ourselves!) back at Christmas time, despite her following easier-going-than-thou pronouncement earlier in the year:


whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version


What about Black Widows then (old joke!)?

Yes, with Aarin mentioning before that she’s part Japanese on her mother’s side, suppose we ought to have expected her to not like whales and dolphins:

Although Aarin’s been claiming some other ethnic backgrounds on top as well…


Don’t know why she just didn’t admit to being ashamed at being foreign and be done with it?!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

There was something rather interesting though that did come out from all this… her boyfriend may well have been working for one of the Sims series at some stage (the only EA studios local to them are of course the Sims ones…)


Could be three times soon considering the numbers currently bailing out from the sinking ship of the Glitterturd right now…

And oh, by the way, if you think her attitude to trolling’s got any better…



shakehead  shakehead

Now the following bit could come in useful for Raiders later…


But anyway, we can here the chorus once again from you lot (same as we get about Switch-Cloverstardropper), why the plumbobs do we still bother about that’s not exactly all that likeable more than a few times? Why Aarin above all the other bumnuggets down the years? Misplaced nostalgia.

No, it’s because no matter how many times we’ve found ourselves wanting to wring her neck, there’s always been something she’s said that’s hit home that she’s a better person than she’ll allow herself to be.

Read the following from her long abandoned Zenmachinegun Dumblr, and see if it moved you as much as it did us:


With all the crap there’s been this year about cultural appropriation in Simming, on what you can have your Simmies using or not according to their ‘race’, it’s ironic that Aarin’s words of two years ago should resonate so strongly with what has come to pass and what Murfeel railed so rightly against in the summer.

And oh, for any of you outside of the Simming world still looking for Aarin – we found her, since you ask, on Reddit, back playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf again.


Couple this to an earlier post made over on Ask FM in February this year, and we reckon the reason for her disappearance is a simple one – her PC conking out and not being in a position to afford to get it repaired (she could easily access Reddit via her local library’s free internet access).


So, another little mystery solved: and until the Great Knit and her boyfriend are back in employment we can take it as read she’s going to be back to going OCD over her ACNL townies for some time yet.

At least Coco will be safe from her mistreatment this time… no CravenLestat, not that Coco, none would dare face your wrath if they did!

evilgrin  evilgrin

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