A Question Of Plum (Maybe, Or Maybe Not)

This is one of those moots that came up when talking about something else.


You know how EA had the new forum set up so certain words and phrases – such as ‘the Mare’s Nest’ for example – are censored out, have you ever wondered why they chose plum?

You see, ‘plum’ is slang for ‘idiot’ – in Estuary English. Not over there in the rebel colonies.

So here’s a thought: maybe it has something to do with this former (?) Simmer…


Who was Plum? Or rather Plumsims?

They were another of those LiveJournal bloggers and one of the former owners of Sim Secret, back in the days it wasn’t even pretending to not be one of the yellow press mouthpieces of the More Awesome Than You vermin.

Now there’s another strange coincidence you may not have noticed. In the Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion pack, one of the ports is Port Pescado – completely out of kilter with the naming of the other ports with some fluffy adjective (Port Pleasant, Port Plenty, Port Pretty, Port Placid, etc).

Has the relationship between the Simgurus and those in charge of a site pirating their employers’ wares and that of a number of other Simming websites (including their supposed partner The Sims Resource) been a little bit closer than they’d care us to have known?

Did they tacitly encourage a site and people sewing discord and divisions between Simmers because it made them less likely to make any united group causing discord and trouble for them?

(Who knows? And who cares – all three are all but finished anyway!)

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