Ebonix Banned From Dumblr (Even They’ve Got Standards!) – Parting Is Such Sweet Bloody Brilliant!

Good riddance!


Good f**king riddance you racist piece of shit!

Funny how those that are labelled Queen in the Simming world always turn out to be lying oxygen thieves?!

Farewell to your bigotry, your pressing of buttons that should never be pressed in a gaming community, all because you wanted to be ‘famous’ to give some relevance to your shitty wasted life.

To sum this scumbag up, having been caught STEALING from Imvu and trying to pass it off THEIR work off as her own (her own? Funny, we seem to remember that she was a he once upon a time, but never mind…) – to add insult to injury they put their rip offs on an Adfly link to try and make money out of others’ hard work.

When asked nicely to ‘cease and desist’ they refused to do so and – surprise surprise! – tried playing the race card in the hope of scaring them off.

Unfortunately for our wannabe gangsta, they discovered that when you do that in the real world as opposed to the Cloud Cuckooland of Dimblr, lawyers letters go to Dumblr, the plug gets pulled, and they’re told they can not have another Dumblr account again.

Told you they were a wrong ‘un, didn’t we? But…some of you lot didn’t listen, did you? Some of you ‘knew better’ – despite us being in the job for over seven years and seeing the same old human rubbish turning up using the same old routines to inflate themselves. And all because they played the race card. Feeling stupid yet?

Have they even shown any remorse for their behaviour? Don’t be silly!

To quote:

‘…even if I was wrong I’m NOT sorry for bringing much needed diversity into the game.’

Diversity your arse – division is what you brought at a time the already divided Simming community could ill afford it.

That some regard such scum as a ‘hero’ says more about their mentally messed up heads than it does about any ‘state’ of the Simming community right now (least of all from the basement dwelling section of the Simming community that would likely spontaneously combust if they saw sunlight).

Farewell, lying, thieving, racist scumbag – don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. Away and pollute some other gaming community instead.

manul the pallas cat says good let the butthurt flow through

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