LaBlue0314 With The Biggest Thread Disappointment After The Most Promising Title Of Halloween


A paragraph would have been nice, by the way.

For those that would rather not read a wall of text and don’t have the supernatural powers of an Rflong7/13 to read the above all the way through without losing interest/will to live/both, here it is in readable form:

‘The couple I’m playing, he’s a criminal, and she is his quiet, doting wife. He is always getting thrown into jail, and is gaining notoriety for such.

Anyways, it seems that his ways are rubbing off on her, because now she is committing criminal acts, and looking all sweet and innocent while doing so.

The other night she decided to set her yard on fire. Now normally when there is a house fire, the sim will get a small amount for the destroyed property, and it’s never enough to truly replace the item lost. She had caused such a huge blaze, that the City of Bridgeport had to send out two fire trucks to put out this fire.

For setting one’s yard on fire, her insurance paid 300,000 Simoleons. The only damage that was done was to the grass, and the scorch marks cleared up pretty quickly on it’s own. I believe my sim has discovered a way to commit insurance fraud.

Now she can add this list of things to her already stealing “borrow” police cars, and she doesn’t even have the the klepto trait. She did “borrow” two, from the same officer that arrested her husband, and both time the officer did come out to recollect the patrol car. (If your wondering how, it is through one of the NRaas Mods.).’

There, see? Wasn’t difficult, was it?

wag_finger  fryingpan

Still, not only Rflong7/13 managed to read it, but so did CharlottesMom, King_of_SimCity7, VictoriaPitt and MW1525 (the latter with perhaps the shortest post she’s ever made!), so who are we to complain?

Why change the habit of the last seven years?

Shaddup, Lauryl!

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