TreyNutz’ Dating Strategies

Dating strategies?


Whatever happened to the good old days of get drunk and wing it thereafter?

What do you mean that only works in college/uni?

Whereas IreneSwift is all for a meeting of minds, Goulsquash prefers the Sharkloverplayer approach – stuff trying to flak them, go for the full frontal assault!


smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032


TreyNutz clearly prefers the Sharkloverplayer approach as well, managing to work hot tubs into the mix!

Candyd finds their Simmies very easy to satisfy…


… admit it, that post didn’t read the way you expected it to you bloody pervs!

Dorcysful didn’t have as much luck, but our resident intellectual SimKeats has one tried and tested method:


Scrapdash agreed with IreneSwift that length does matter, whilst Coco has something else entirely on the menu…


KevinL5275’s got Goths or Geeks in his game clearly, meanwhile IreneSwift thought it best to elaborate as to what exactly she meant by length…


Clearly not a fan of the quickie.


Hiring out the bowling alley for a private all nighter does not make for an exciting double or triple date, by the way.

Anyway, shouldn’t you be making a mod to solve this lack of double plus dates, then?

wiggle tongue  ehwhat mare's nest version

But you can’t have a romance thread without the Sharkster…

… unfortunately he’s too busy dissipating fruitless energies into the eternally loveless Glitterturd, thankfully however there is his protegy CravenLestat (the thread has Coco – of course he was going to turn up!).

Right sit up, pay attention, this is how it’s done!


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