A Star Spangled Spanner In The Works? No Thanks (For ALL Our Sakes!)

We don’t usually do elections, least of all the USA’s screwed up version of ‘democracy’… but…

…but all the same, this has to be said…


Could things really get any worse than they are?

If you elect someone with no political experience (and who has changed their party affiliation six times in the last two decades), you’ll find out the hard way. Big time.

You guys out there still go for all that ‘patriot’ shit. Whatever.

Well it is your patriotic duty not to screw up your country any more than it already is – or to give someone the excuse to do so because you gave them the power to do so in your name because he was appealing to your worst base instincts.

It may make you feel good voting for the ‘up yours, the rest of the world! America first!’ candidate.

But when the rest of the world stops buying your goods (even with so much of its manufacturing relocated abroad, the USA is still heavily dependent on its export markets to break even) and services in response, you’ll have cut off your own noses to spite your faces – at a time you can least afford it.

Besides, Kraftdinnerland can’t afford to take you all in as refugees in a year’s time when it dawns on even the most stupid of you what a hideous mistake you’ve made.

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

We’re not saying vote Hilary Clinton.

What we are saying is please don’t vote for Donald Trump. Now, or ever.

Vote for whoever is best placed in your state to keep the fat wiggy bumnugget out.

(That means you especially, Utah)

For it he wins, it’s not God Bless America you’ll be saying, but God help it.

usflag_smiley  usflag_smiley


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