Cloverstardropper And The World Explorers (Plus Special Guests) In A One Off Special…

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‘You wanted to see me, Switch? Have you come with some back rent from those undead squatters on my lovely Lonely Island?’


‘Erm not exactly, Rflong7/13, I’m here to ask if you would be interested in building an empty world?’

***Titter!***, this is going to be good!’

‘Tangie, really!’


‘I beg your pardon? A brand new empty world? So your zombie friends can take over that one as well. Does my head look like it buttons up the back, young lady?’

‘Oh dear, knew Becca wasn’t going to like that!’

‘God loves a tryer Reggie.’

‘Only in rugby football, Pary.’


‘Oh come along Becca, you were saying only the other day how you’ve been aching to knock up a new masterpiece.’

‘Well said, Reggie. You can’t deny yourself the pleasures of the creative processes forever.’


‘Oh, alright ***dark mutterings*** – what size of empty world is it you want me to create? A tiny map is 256 by 256, a small one is 512 by 512, a medium map is 1024 by 1024, and a large map is 2048 by 2048…’

‘Well, um, to be honest, what we’re all looking for is something…’


… 2 800 miles across by 1 650 miles high, with enough room to house about fifty nine million and their families…’


‘… or if that’s too much a facsimile of even just the Golden State for us all to flee to will do splendidly. At least for the next four years!’

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