LaBlue0314’s Saucy Sexy Vamps


For once, you’ll be accusing us of understating the case – check this lot out!


‘Hey babe, just can’t help perving over your enormous pair of…’


‘… fangs! I meant fangs! Honest! Just keeping you abreast of what I meant, augh no, what I mean is they’re titivating, augh, can’t say that either, erm, I feel such a dumplings, no, not dumplings, I never meant to say that!’


‘You do remember that we vampires can read one another’s thoughts, you naughty, NAUGHTY boy! It’s going to be fangs for the mammaries from you by the time I’ve had your meat with my dumplings…’

smiley-shocked032  wag_finger

Bloody hell – it’s like Anne Rice’s Vampires crossed with Electric Six’s ‘Danger! High Voltage’ video!


You thinking what we’re thinking JoAnne65, that Misty-BSIRegina would give her more than a few apt ideas over at her blog!

Evalen and Coco added their praises to LaBlue0314’s vampy vamps:


Sweet? Downright savoury if you ask us, Coco, bordering on the unsavoury if the look on their faces are anything to go by!

disgusting that's what it is

And you can stop encouraging them, Fmil!


Hook up? Hook up? Judging by that look in the last picture, she’d have them chained from the ceiling and covered in whipped cream. And speaking of whips… erm, on second thoughts let’s not give LaBlue0314 any more ideas!

Whilst King_of_Simcity7 managed to keep it together, KevinL5275 was clearly looking for the full English breakfast dominatrix experience:


We know what you’d be begging, something along the lines of ‘I’ve been bad, I’ve been so bad, please punish me!’

So which Tory MP are you then, KevinL5275? Kevin Foster or Kevin Hollinrake?

(By the way, just in case the Guido Fawkes website, Private Eye or any of the others come blundering in here, this – is – a – joke!)


And that’s quite enough snu snu from you you, young man!

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