And The Odds Are Narrowing On Who MedleyMisty’s Obsessive Stalker Is At Sim Secret

How many years is this now, post after tortuous post ranting on about how annoyed they are by the some time Taffer?


How long has this person been ranting on about MedleyMisty?


Since 2009 – in the same month we started up precisely because of bumnuggets like these and the Simming community needing an antidote to their poison.


Now once upon a time this shittiness did get to MM enough for them to take a sabbatical – as reported above by Iliveforsleep in their LiveJournal – but thankful it proved short lived (there had also been outside issues for her to deal with).

But here we are, seven years later, and the same broken record is being played – how much longer before they are blaming MedleyMisty’s stories for causing Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States?

Incidentally, for those of you that still deny thrice before cockcrow that fat Pescado and his scum at More Awesome Than You had much to do with the goings on at Sim Secret and 99% of its shittiness and organised bullying of individuals, we thought you might like to take a little look at this:


On Fatbeard’s servers, no wriggling out of it.

And now you also know where Aarin got the idea for the Jazz-Hands logo from (and hence why we told the Aarinites to f**k off when one of us decided to do a little ‘retaking of the flag’… copyright your arses!).

But we digress. The point is, how can they be bothered to be bothered about MedleyMisty all this time? Did they dump them or something and they’ve failed to move on (or out of their mum’s basement by the sound of it).

Seven years. It’s time to let it go you utter fruitloop, yeah?

After all, with only ten secrets ever been posted these days, it’s not going to be long before someone fits the pieces together based around past posts and outs you now the number of shitstormers is down less than a handful.

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