Dame Judi Dench – Simmer Extraordinaire (? or !)

This made us jump out of our skins:


thOMG  thOMG

Only eleven posts, but joined way back at the start:


Disappeared, reappeared briefly in 2014, now back posting once more.

It couldn’t really be…


… could it?

If it is, she’s certainly come up with some bizarre creations of her own.

First up, Beatrice the Californian rabbit:



yewot  yewot

Second, a sort of weird abandoned looking farm with rusty cars that looks like something out of The Walking Dead


(By the way, there was quite a bit over in the newspapers over here about the latest episode of The Walking Dead because of the bizarre start sequence which for reasons best known to the producers had the ginger guy making the perfect sandwich to the soundtrack of The Jam’s 1982 No.1 song ‘A Town Called Malice’. Obviously one of us approves of The Jam getting a mention, but all the same talk about a completely inappropriate context!).

Very curious – if we find out any more about this Dame_Judi_Dench we’ll let you know!

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