RPAnons Sicko Weirdos Really Have No Sense Of Irony


We get some bizarre links to this site, but this one brings it to a whole new level of disturbing.

Don’t say you were not warned before we begin.


This bunch decided to have a bit on their forum about, erm, ‘stupid shit other hobbies argue about.’ They certainly have a eye for a title.

The Sims series came up, and we came up.


Tremble with fear Berrypie – your nemesis has come, the Member Berry Sweets!


Funny thing is, they do have a number of things in common with their Simming counterparts – such as bumnuggets with more money than sense going around buying friends by gifting random strangers without any hint of logic.



shakehead  shakehead

That however was the least of our worries – get a load of what is the mainstay of business to these characters over at RPAnons:


smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

Oh, this was just for starters!


Erm, must be former More Awesome Than You members.



It went from the sick to the bizarre!


Beauty And The Beast and all those bloody damsels and dragons stories have a lot to answer for.

dizzy  dizzy


Then came the irony overload as they all reacted in horror to a letter one of them had received (apparantly…)



‘This is creepy as fuck’

Yes, these people who see nothing wrong with paedophile – dragon – superhero – incest – mindcontrol – whateverthefuck roleplay are horrified by someone passing a bonkers love letter.

You couldn’t make these guys up if you tried – not even if you took all the magic mushrooms in the world!

Let’s be thankful that they’ll never be out of their mum’s basements long enough to pose any threats to real carbon based life forms with their sicko peccadilloes!

scared  thatsit

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