China’s Dirty Laundry Gets Hung Out To Dry

Ooooo, that’s racist that is! Well, it would have been fifty years ago when Chinese launderettes were still a stereotype.

Chinese laundry tends to mean something else nowadays, but this is a family show so you can look that one up yourselves.

Besides, newbie China (currently posting up a storm on the EA forum of late) has been filthy enough without anything else needing to come out in the wash.


‘I don’t get why I have dirty laundry laying around my house… I’m renting a house in university.’

You answered your own question there, our old China!

Thinking the washer and dryer were decorations – typical bloody students. Suppose CravenLestat we ought to be thankful China wasn’t using it to cook instead (oh come on – bagged tomato soup starter followed by chicken paella with noodles and mixed veg? You must have tried it at least once!)


And that’s quite enough of excitedly wanting to see Charlottesmom’s filthy laundry, you bloody perv!

disgusting that's what it is

wag_finger  smiley-shocked032

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