Gramsims Yeezy Makes Us Queezy

One of those rare occasions where the pictures they’ve photoshopped the living daylights out of actually do let you know what to expect if you download them into your game – and quite honestly a bigger pile of shit we’ve not come across in a long while.


The first three look like a billion others that have been sicked up on Dumblr these last two years (the boots on Look Three look suspiciously like Anubis360’s old ones with a bad face lift to the mesh, by the way), Look Four and Five reek of basement dweller’s uniforms (the right leg on five looks like he’s emptied his bowels down it), and what the plumbobs is Look Six supposed to be wearing, a split condom?

Of course, they are meant to represent the designs that talent vacuum and oxygen thief Kayne ‘Fishsticks’ West has flung out of the closet as part of his latest ‘collection’ coming to a jumble sale and bargain bin near you shortly.

In that respect Gramsims is to be congratulated for capturing their essence with a hideous accuracy. You can almost taste the skank.

shakehead     puke

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