KatNip Says Little Things Mean A Lot (Part 1)

KatNip started a thread on the EA forum about the small things in Sims 3 they loved, which unfortunately got all gooey at the outset.


Knock it off Docsyful and CandyD!

puke  puke

Squeemostastic joined up and joined in to say what was bugging her, bringing ElanorBreton and Scrapdash into the list.


Lunabelle and Charlottesmom were equally not squeamish about getting squee-ish:


Thank goodness Jordand and then World Explorer Pary brought a change of subject from toddlers, kissy-wissies and general sicky-wickiness!

Sort of…


… and with CravenLestat turning up we were heading into full blown Sharkloverplayer territory:


It was almost a relief when Adamzaid and Karritz went back to toddlers…



Whilst IreneSwift and JoAnne65 also went into Sharkloverplayer mode, Lunabelle argued the toss.


MidnightAura, KarinL and Karritz thankfully retrieved matters for us by each listing some of our own favourites with theirs:


We’ll pick up with the rest tomorrow.

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