Leah Lillith Puts The Trolls In Their Place

Since August 2014, Leah Lillith has been turning out excellent items for both Sims 3 and the Glitterturd on a regular basis on her blog and over at The Sims Resource.

We like Leah Lillith, and so do many others judging by the number of thieves posting up shitty ‘retextures’ of her hairs.

Which makes the following yellow press complaint to her all the more ironic – if it wasn’t for her there would be damned few new hair meshs of any description in the first place.


‘If you are so sure of what I do to create my works, I am pretty positive that today you didn’t do anything more productive than writing this message.’

Yes, Leah Lillith, perspective is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Well done!

bravo  point

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