Gram Sims Skankliciousness Is No Skin Off Rhiannasims Nose


And so it came to pass that Gram Sims made a tat-ty skin for Rhiannasims, but she did not pay her for it.


Thus with the sort of logic only to be found amongst the Dimblrs, she got her ‘revenge’ by posting it up for everyone to download.


Yep, can really see the logic bomb exploding there!

dizzy  shakehead

Of course, the greedy bumnugget was still making money from the AdFly links to the download, which as per usual prompted a pile of streaming horseshit trying to justify the unjustifiable.


boohooviolin  wanker

Nobody forced you to learn how to make custom content. No one forced you to make it. You don’t need money to get ‘recognition’ – stop dancing around the truth that once you go down the road of monetarising making hobby items plenty of others do for free, you’re stabbing the Simming community in the back.

Get over yourself. You’re not a ‘slave’, AdFly has got nothing to do with giving you ‘recognition’, and if that load of cack was in any way a job most would be demanding their money back for that load of crap anyone would have whipped up in five minutes flat. Meshing or world creation it most certainly was not.

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