KatNip Says Little Things Mean A Lot (Part 2)

Erm, yes, we forgot to post the second part of this!

blush   blush

TadOlson’s little thing which meant a lot was TadOlson discovering a swift solution when TadOlson’s Mod files had gone missing from TadOlson’s game.


In TadOlson’s game, Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Wife, Or His Ass – No Matter How Pert And Well Formed It Is, For TadOlson Is TadOlson…

wag_finger  wag_finger


Would Odonata68’s Simmies get into trouble in TadOlson’s game for attempting to tonsil hockey the snowflakes? Maybe that was why some of the locals looked on so disapproving in case TadOlson’s guardians of public Simming morality should pass by!

CandyD meanwhile demonstrated that the new Harry Potter book – well, sort of – has a lot to answer for when it comes to further mangling the English language:


‘Recombobulate’ indeed – we shudder to think what that bloody Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is going to come out with!

Is that a film based on Operation Yewtree?

Shaddup, Lauryl!

Anyway, moving swiftly on, Whatshishandle came within an typo of disaster (‘jazzed’ people, ‘jazzed’ !) whilst FemaleTrouble was away with the fairies:


GoldenBuffy found her inner Mrs Slocombe as she proved more than delighted to tell everyone how happy she was when her pussy was afforded the opportunity of a vigorous rubbing…


… thankfully CandyD diverted topic quickly with a knockout punch over Simmies proving to be too realistic to their real life counterparts when it comes to smartphones!

After all this, we were in need of a cup of wholesome bedtime Coco:


sunshine  thumb

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