The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same (TSR – Arrrrrgh!)

Way back in that more innocent age of Simming…

… alright, alright, stop that laughter right away, Rflong7/13!

Ahem! Way back in those dark evil times for the Simming community of September 2009 – when Simmers were monstrous, which in turn spawned a monster, or at least nightmares – the subject of The Sims Resource having viruses did the rounds amongst those swallowing Pescado’s Kool Aid:


Yes, flame warrior WindsorErick (on his first account, but that’s a long story!), the genial Hippiedippie (on her first account) and one of Aarin’s ‘founding fifteen’ Granny Eaters, Velcroshoes (one of MadameLee’s old tormentors and one of the EA forum’s resident ‘furries’…). Seems so long ago now.

Sadly, this is one old tune that keeps getting played, including by those like Igazor who ought to know better:


shakehead  banghead

The hard and uncomfortable fact is that the advert provider which The Sims Resource uses are far safer than those used to monetorise Delphy’s filehosting service and especially the plethora of dodgy Dumblrs hosting downloads where you have to go through AdFly links and their ilk – period.

Go to TSR, and get bombarded with adverts from largely high street names.

Go to Delphy’s and the Dumblrs, and be proffered links to iffy online gambling sites or some idiotic ‘freemium’ online game advertised by some Anime character with PoppyB tits – and your virus checkers (assuming you have any real ones) screaming DEF-CON 1.

Try actually tweeking your virus checkers and firewall (instead of expecting it to work perfectly out of the box) and you may find yourselves having no problems with a website every single reputable security software company says is fine.

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