MadIris Can’t See The Obvious Solution (But Neither Could Anyone Else Other Than Coco!)

The following was a cautionary tale of looking for the complex instead of starting from the simplest answer.


MadIris had some problems with disappearing Simmies, and one by one the great and good came forward to help, with LaBlue0314 blaming EA’s story regression, er we mean progression.

If you think we’re being bitchy, wait until you see what TadOlson had to say as TadOlson showed some uncharacteristic acerbity towards what TadOlson called twice EA’s bugfest:


Steady on, Tiger!

TreyNutz was also in full agreement with the Tadster that NRaas was – as ever – the solution to the problem. However when GaiaHypothesis tried to form her own hypothesis, it turned out that matters were of a more basic problem…


Along came Coco, who pointed out a little basic routine maintenance and keeping ones patching up to date works wonders.


We’re guessing from the silence from MadIris thereafter this was indeed the problem!

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