King_Of_Simcity7 Asks How Have You Grown As A Simmer This Year?

He has his critics (we think Stickykisses had the correct technical term for most of them…) but it’s starting threads such as this one that makes King_Of_Simcity7 such good value on the EA forum.


Sorry about cutting you short there, but we simply wanted to get the essentials in there before letting you all see the great and good getting involved with their own. CharlottesMom (as ever with her epic beard… nope, that didn’t sound dodgy at all, erm!) kicked off proceedings in a year of both triumph and tragedy for her:


This one’s on the house.


Stdlr9 became not only a Sims 3 completist but also a sweet succulent granny, and this year has saw the very welcome return of Mikezumi now into her second year of being a Simmeroo:


bravo  drooling-emoticon

Odonata68 meanwhile is a Sims 3 completist pending.


JoAnne65 meanwhile is needing perhaps to rediscover her Simming mojo after a close call with the Glitterturd:


For Dreamerz17 it’s more been a case of plans coming to naught but making new ones for 2017.


Don’t give up on the CC and world creation – remember you’ve plenty of friends to give help and advice… some of it even useful!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

TreyNutz meanwhile has already pledged 2017 to be a year dedicated to a full regime of regular Simming workouts.


God bless you, sir – in these difficult times, America needs such true patriots like you who know what’s the right thing to do for his country!

usflag_smiley  usflag_smiley

Elsewhere, young Gitte2001 has had a pretty traumatic time over 2016. Being in the centre at one stage of this year’s major shitstorm (the ill founded attempts to introduce racial politics into the Simming community) which to no one’s surprise ended in tears and bad blood all round – plus a few well earned expulsions from Dumblr when some of the self-styled social justice warriors proved to be little more than lousy crooks… colour us surprised there! (Or is the correct term for that now ‘surprised of colour’? Never mind.) Plus coming out of the closet on Dumblr wasn’t the best of ideas (she’s a ‘greedie’, before you ask) and in the end she decided Dumblr was more trouble than it was worth.


Poor Gitte was at times her own worst enemy and found herself in the middle of one or two battlegrounds this year – ah well, she’s Belgian, they’re used to that over in Sproutland! But she’s been simming up a storm since and having custom content hosted over in the granted somewhat depleted but still picky Mod The Sims (cynics would suggest being a young teenage girl may also have had a pedobearing, er we mean bearing on matters, but that’s for others to decide), so hopefully next year will be an all over happier one for her – unless she decides to move to Twitter and tells the impending new Leader of The Free World he’s a klootzak or even a kontklomp, whereupon the European Union will have more to worry about than Brexit!

scared  scared

(Oh by the way Gitte, we’ve a little something special lined up for you over the next few weeks time allowing – mwahahahahahah! )

For Wickedjr89 especially and Chellejo, we hope 2017 proves to be a lot better in more than merely Simming ways.


virtual hug mare's nest version

And it wouldn’t be a Simming thread in 2016 without the one and only Coco turning up before bedtime?


Wait, what? You’ve held down a job in retail for seven years?

jawdrop-smilie     jawdrop-smilie

Most can’t do that even if they owned the bloody shop!

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