BatmanFanGirl’s Battle With The Evil Mr Freeze(r) To Save Her Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner…

Sorry, we couldn’t resist that one!



The dynamic duo of LaBlue0314 and Karritz swooped in to help:



Soon TreyNutz and Karritz were locked in a battle of wits!




But then the evil SimKeats fooled our heroes with her poetic answer…


… without bothering to mention that if you try doing it using a laptop’s touchpad, you could end up not being able to move it far enough in time and the whole lot tips all over the floor!


Will BatmanFanGirl manage to get her condiments to the cooler cabinet, or will she have to put her plans on ice?

Will LaBlue0314, Karritz, TreyNutz or SimKeats’ help leave her feeling chilled, or will they receive a frosty reception.

Is it time for everyone to use the real Bat Signal?

banging your head on the closet9

There’s snow way of knowing for sure, except to tune in here next time – same Mare’s Time, same Mare’s channel!

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use   tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

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