Becomingjenn Finds EA’s Become The Goon Show (Origin’s Going Backwards For Christmas!)

Altogether now…. ‘Yewwwwww rotten swines, yewww!’


Makes us wonder about the reliability of anything coming from EA, JoAnne65!

By the way, for the benefit of all you rebel colonists out there that won’t get the reference of the title…


Believe it or not that offal reached No.4 in the British Single Charts – not at Christmas but in the summer of 1956.

Which just goes to show that you have been right all along and that your elderly relatives taste really is a pile of shit and everything wasn’t better back in the good old days as they’ve droned onto you for decades and the daft lavender and pish smelling old fossils deserve that rat infested old folk’s home with the internal fog you’ve dumped their rancid still twitching carcasses in rather than put up with the incontinent fuckers for another spoiled Christmas.

Just saying.

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