That Was Almost The Right Suggesting To Give To PikMinW, Rflong7/13…


Ah, the old chestnut roasting on a open fire of losing one’s Simming spark.


No no no no Becca, the correct answer first of all is ‘have you tried beer/wine/vodka/absinthe, etc.’ You only really go leftfield with your gameplay when done under the influence (just remember to change the game to save automatically regularly first!).

This is of course the opposite for what to do when using CAW, when you need to drink large amounts of alcohol afterwards before you have a nervous breakdown.

There’s also Jessa_Dakkar’s suggestion of finding your inner domestic goddess…


… which also leads neatly back to our original point!

ehwhat mare's nest version  beer


At which point welcome back to HSmith2016, now making amends for her sinful ways by atoning for her lack of Sim full days.

Rather like Mikezumi, in full agreement with Jessa_Dakkar and JoAnne65 that Sims 3 is a forgiving sort, knowing you’ll always find time again for the awesomeness.


But whilst Karritz has found themselves getting distracted, Coco has dedicated herself to fight the Simming flab with a full but disciplined Simming workout without overdoing it.


Everything in moderation, even Sims 3.

(What do you mean, Coco’s a big girly wimp?!)

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