Taffer Waterdragon’s Vamping Up Her Simming Legacies

Over at Boolprop Fight The Addiction False‘s German member Waterdragon’s blog, prepare yourself for the ultimate nightmare for the snark kiddies.


Not only is she a Taffer, but she’s got her Simmies on Rflong7/13’s perfect home for Berry Sweets.


With such dual fiendishness inherent, it’s perhaps no surprise that her plans have included getting her Simmies smitten, just so they could get bitten!


Well he was bats about her.


Gets turned into a vampire, and his first concern is to stare at her kazongas!

facepalmhy2  wag_finger


They’re remarkably fluent in speech for two in the middle of tonsil hockey. But we suppose we can’t blame them for deciding to plum for a night indoors having fun with each other…


… when the only swinging nightspot in town is the local graveyard – complete with trampoline!

yewot  yewot

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